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Brands Giving X The X

Is X safe for brands to advertise?

Probably not. Within a week of X CEO, Linda Yaccarino, confirming that the site was safe for brands. An advertising mishap happened almost immediately in an embarrassing situation for the site.

Brands who had trusted the social media platform, X, to run ads safely and within their guidelines. Found that X had been running the ads next to neo-Nazis content. It is unclear which brands specifically this has happened to but we do know that NCTA in a conversation with CNN, have confirmed their withdrawal from advertising on the site.

It's unclear why such content is allowed on the site, when such content is banned on other social media platforms. But, with Musk's takeover of the site, it appears to be one problem agter another and not much thinking into the situations or consequences.

We spoke to former Twitter users who have confirmed since the social media was taken over by Musk, they have been the victims of bullying and harassment thanks to Musk's 'freedom of speech' rules. This comes as no surprise as a report in user safety suggests that users do not feel safe on the platform anymore.

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