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Dishy Rishi Fishy Tiky Trend

In a recent interview with the BBC, Rishi Sunak was quoted saying

"Criminal damage, criminal behaviour is unacceptable."

He further went on to say

"I fully support the police in bringing those people to justice - because that type of behaviour is simply unacceptable in our society."

This was following a TikTok trend which encouraged users to steal from certain shops in London.

The illegal behaviour was encouraged by users on the social media site, with users Live-Streaming these events and posting themselves bragging about what they did.

The police acted swiftly and investigated fully before taking appropriate action. Needless to say this behaviour is not tolerated in society and is completely illegal.

Although TikTok trends can be fun and done safely, not all are safe and legal to do. TikTok advises users use their own discretion for what is sensible to partake and post. However, TikTok has kot made a statement regarding this situation, to our knowledge.

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