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Swoop On The Scoop

Updated: Aug 22

In SWOOP's latest four hour doc, she explains how Colleen Ballinger "victim", not only lied to her and H3 but to the entire world.

In this video she talks with Adam McIntyre and Joshua David Evans (Colleen Ballingers ex-husband) to reveal all and make a point to Johnny Silvestry that lies will always be uncovered.

As an open and honest creator, SWOOP has created some of YouTube's best documentaries. However, no-one expected the twists and turns in her latest video as she became part of the ever growing Colleen Ballinger drama. SWOOP, the youtuber known for supporting victims and giving them a platform to speak, was lied to and manipulated by possibly the most untrustworthy person on the internet. The web of lies Johnny S has created went deeper and darker than even we could've thought.

Although Johnny S managed to fool SWOOP in the first couple docs on the Colleen Ballinger drama, by doc three the lies were brought to light and after a month of investigating and seven hours talking with Joshua Evans. Yes Johnny, SEVEN HOURS, not six. Finally, her team managed to edit and piece together an unravelling of Johnny S's lies and deceit.

We agree that victims should be supported and given a platform to speak. We do not agree with false allegations and dismissing actual victims for your own gain.

In the words of SWOOP herself, we would like to remind you "It's not drama, it's dangerous".

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