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SML Did Not Nintendo Get Sued

Updated: Aug 22

SML NEARLY SUED? - on Feb 13, 2021 Logan thrityacre (SML) Got a call from his mum saying u have a certified letter from a lawyer from nintendo of america logan instantly thought the worst and it was true nintendo said we've seen u using our plushies in you're videos and we don't agree with anything you are posting please rename all you're channels to sml sll sbl later on that year SUPERMARIOLOGAN YouTube channel Got DELETED and sll sbl are soon to be DELETED logan said that himself but at random this year sll published the videos again and a community post saying O just the letter O many people think logan was HACKED as nintendo said if he put any videos up with plushies in the thumnails he'll get sued or he made an agreement with nintendo to put old videos back up but have stated if he makes anymore plush vids with mario etc he'll be sued so he has his own plushies now and they can officialy make there old innoproarate jokes again whitch im against but its his channel so his choice Logan Is On his forth channel now after 10+ years on YOUTUBE!


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