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True Geordie in his latest episode of True News, a popular series on his YouTube channel. True Geordie has accused ishowspeed of deliberately showing his 'manhood' on stream.

According to the True Geordie this was "well rehearsed" and a "deliberate" act. He started the report by referring to ishowspeed as ishowd*ck, which is estranged from the popular comments online calling the creator ishowmeat.

This incident occurred during a live stream, when the creator was dancing around and thrusting his waist, when his 'todger' slipped through the opening in the front of his shorts. His 'gentlemen's sausage' was on screen for only a few seconds.

Fans who caught a glimpse of ishowspeed's 'trojan horse', reuploaded the incident. Although we do advise you don't go searching for it.

As for if this was deliberate or a mistake, we'll let you decide.

ishowspeed has said it was a mistake and swiftly took the video down immediately after.

We hope you've enjoyed all our ways to refer to mens genitalia, feel free to leave some more in the comments below.

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